I just got back from a week-long trip to my favorite city…Chicago!! Of course, I got to take lots of pictures while I was there.

The following pictures make me happy because:


  • the tall reflective and modern blue building contrasts with the older almost European styled building on the right
  • the motion of the black car
  • the traffic and street lights stand out nicely and are all the same color!

Image 2

  • the detail of the rustic bridge
  • the staircase details in the alleyway
  • something about the left building…it has some character
  • darkness of the alleyway gives the photo an overall mysterious feel
  • colors!!! Teal sky and window frames, orange buildings

Image 3.jpeg

  • its not straight
  • its cut off
  • its a different perspective


  • i really like the lines the shadow and electricity lines make—a geometric vibe
  • the stop letters


  • very dark and ominous
  • detail of the car lights shining
  • texture of the road—it’s old!
  • i love the way this bridge is structured
  • colorsss!!! Teal & orange again


  • holy HECK the detail in ALL of these buildings
  • shadows fall very nicely to make the whole picture look so busily exciting
  • detail: you can see Kinzie St. And Chicago sign on the right


  • good ole black and white
  • night time lights & reflections🥰


  • wanted to capture this stairwell—looks so nice contrasting against the white building
  • pop of orange at the bottom


  • top right light balances out lower left light
  • reflective building with orange buildings on the side
  • colors are quite symmetrical!!


  • car reflection oml its so clear
  • subject on the right


  • beige, tan colors
  • I got this shot while running across the street! Scary!!
  • love how the streetlights shine

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