This winter break, I spent 8 days in the wilderness backpacking through the Galiuro Mountains with my CBHP peers. Here’s what I learned! (pictures and vlog at bottom)

How to survive 8 days in the wilderness:

1) Double Your Weight

It’s you and nature along for more than a week. Pack your 50 lb bags and get ready to carry them several miles everyday.

2) Fatten Up

You’ll be burning thousands of calories everyday. Put as much butter as possible in EVERYTHING.

Warning: massive amounts of peanut butter + oatmeal = dry heaving and nausea

3) Excretion

Take a stick, get down, dig deep, and squat it out. Its really not that big of a deal!!


You’re going to be in SUBfreezing temperatures!! Snow, rain, everything will be damp and frozen solid the rest of the week. Layer and suck it up.

5) Cold is a Choice

Toes turning blue? Shivering at night? Try these tips and tricks. Stick your feet onto someones bare warm belly. Throw your wet socks onto your chest. Wiggle around and do sit ups in your sleeping bags.

6) Fall Wisely

You’re going to be on the side of thousand foot cliffs so you better watch how you fall. Because you will. You fall the wrong way and you’ll be rolling into a snowball down the mountain. Careful, the raging rivers can drench and wash you away too!

7) Lost?

When all else fails and you have no idea where you are on the map, just go ahead and hike straight up the side of the mountain.

Once you master this, enjoy:

1) Hella Good Food

Get those stove kits out and get ready to cook nice warm food! Sausage pizza, cheesy quesadillas, perfectly spiced pasta, so good.

2) Being On Top of the World

You’ll summit massive mountains from actual base to peak. Experience full vibrant rainbows, shimmering sunsets, and fresh fallen snow!

3) Deep Talks in a Tent Too Small

This is going to be a hard expedition. You will get to bond with the people you share this experience with in ways you can not anywhere else. See how each person is unique, kind, and always willing to help.

4) Nights

On rare dry days, pull your sleeping bags out of your tent and sleep under a blanket of the brightest twinkling stars. Keep your eyes out for shooting stars, constellations, the milky way, and even Jupiter! Then, close your eyes to experience the most vivid dreams.

5) Birthday Soiree

Turn 19 surrounded by the most brave and awesome people! Eat a freshly baked birthday cake and make your wish for more adventure around a blazing campfire.

6) Reconnection

The world is so, so wondrous and you are such an integrated yet small part of it. Appreciate the simplicity of nature and a break from the busy and complex society we live in.




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