ACL was this month, and while there were many artists I had to chance to see live for the first time, I also got to see some of my favorites again! Here’s a dump of my journey with Brockhampton and Khalid, through three concerts.

Concert 1

BROCKHAMPTON Love Your Parents Tour–Jan 20, 2018 | Emo’s | Austin, TX

I first had the chance to see Brockhampton in January. I had discovered them a couple months earlier and fell in love with their music, despite being somewhat late to the game. Nevertheless, I was super pumped to finally see the unique boy band live!! As I patiently waited in the merch line weighing if it was more worth it to get merch or be in the crowd, Brockhampton made their entrance. Although I was in the back, Brockhampton completely blew me away with their energy and performance. Yes, they really played STAR five times!! I was a fan.

Khalid SXSW–March 16, 2017 | Space 24 Twenty | Austin, TX

My first Khalid concert was free at SXSW. My friends and I had discovered him when Location had first come out, and avidly bopped to his first album.  The venue was small and crowded, but thankfully we were able to climb onto a platform, and see EVERYTHING. We had no idea how big he would become in the next year.


Concert 2

BROCKHAMPTON ACL Late Night Show–October 7, 2018 | Stubbs | Austin, TX

I fell down during the first song and got trampled over. Insane concert. Still a fan though.

Khalid American Teen Tour–July 20, 2017 | House of Blues | Houston, TX

This concert surprised me. Although I could not see anything the entire time, I loved listening to his performance. At this point, I had been listening to his album for a long time and knew every song word for word. When Khalid performs live, he changes his songs and adds extra instrument breaks–very cool!


Concert 3 & Final Thoughts

BROCKHAMPTON–October 12, 2018 | ACL | Austin, TX

I LOVED THIS CONCERT. Honestly, I was a bit traumatized at first after being trampled over the previous week, but I had the time of my life! Even though I was mildly late to discovering Brockhampton, I love watching how much they’ve grown. Every performance has been bigger and better. Iridescence is an amazing album, and I can not wait for more!

[no pics sorry, too busy moshing]

Khalid–October 12, 2018 | ACL | Austin, TX

Honestly, I stopped listening to Khalid after the last concert. Unpopular opinion, but I got tired of his replayed songs. Nevertheless, when his American Teen songs came on I SANG THOSE SONGS WORD FOR WORD…no one else around me knew them!?! I’m proud of how big Khalid has become, but I just don’t listen to him anymore. Yet, his songs will always bring back memories of high school :,).



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