Day 1



Bottoms: Boutique in Taiwan

Accessories: SHEIN (necklace), Forever 21 (earrings)

Thoughts: MY FAVORITE OUTFIT OF THE WEEKEND! Easily my go-to burnt orange top (hook em !!). I absolutely love how the strings create an open back, lace around the stomach, and tie nicely just above the shorts. I paired it with some black shorts that actually tie around in the front to double as a skirt…AMAZING. I added some gold detailing–my favorite jewelry color–with a layered necklace and some dangling gold earrings.

I was free to move around yet still add a girly feel with my skirt/shorts. Was able to rave with secure clothes that were not too hot!

Day 2


Top: Urban Outfitters (long sleeve), Arie (bralette)

Bottoms: Zara

Accessories: Gucci (belt)

Thoughts: I mean, the sleeves were flowy and breathable but…long sleeves+unbelievably tight crowds+moshing+Austin heat? Really not the move.

Day 3


Top: Brandy Melville

Bottoms: Literally my mom’s

Accessories: Brandy Melville (belt), PacSun (necklace), Urban Outfitters (earrings)

Thoughts: I’m not even going to lie this was a pretty basic outfit. I will say though, choosing to leave my long hair down through the Travis Scott crowd was a big mistake–the tangles took hours to fix. And of course, my white top, legs, and shoes did NOT survive the VERY MUDDY moshing.


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